November 9, 2011


Triple Stuf Oreos are incredible.
Have you tried one of these yet? I was sceptical that having three cookie parts rather than the standard two would overwhelm the taste and texture of the frosting- which in my opinion would be near to blaspheme- because, in my opinion, frosting is the best part. Frosting is always the best part. I was also worried that the chocolate layer of frosting would make the whole thing taste too... well, chocolatey. Both assumptions were wrong. These may have just trumped double stuf oreos in my opinion. Although, that is a terribly bold statement that I'm not quite sure I'm ready to commit to. Regardless, they are goooo-ooood! Worth your time, money, and caloric investment. Take it from me- a girl that has already blogged about oreos once this month.
It goes without saying however, that triple stuf oreos will always come second to this little cookie in deliciousness...
Are you dying yet? Scrumptious I tell you. I have been spoiled today- feasting on this little darling, and triple stuf oreos. It's been a good day. More to come...


  1. Miss Ellie Layne looks much more delicious than that there Oreo! She's good enough to eat!!! (Based on these pictures, yellow is definitely her color) She's such a cutie, cutie, cutie pie! xo

  2. I have to agree that little lady is a yellow star!