November 10, 2011

Blog Vomit

This has been a good week- not exceptional. My desire to blog has been slim to none, so my picture taking has been put on the back burner. I haven't been documenting my cooking because there hasn't been much of that. Morning Science has been limited because the gawl-durn wind has been blowing and the chilly morning air combined with said wind gives me an earache. (I'm gonna be like my great grandma Lera who wore a scarf around her head not only in the winter, but on summer evenings as well so as to block any threatening breeze.) Enough explaining... here are some completely unrelated photos- all that my camera has snapped this week. I would say that they're here for your viewing pleasure... but a more proper definition for these ones is probably something like: for your boredom/procrastination/determination to spend time less time doing what it is you actually should be doing.
I babysat my niece Berlynn yesterday for an hour and assisted her and Ellie in jumping/dancing/rolling on the bed to nursery rhymes. Would you judge me if I admitted that this was one of the high points of my week?
I woke up in the six o'clock hour yesterday. I haven't done that since May 13th- the last day I taught school. I actually enjoyed being up that early. The world looks different at that time of day. The enjoyment was short lived however because quickly thereafter my ears began to freeze and I wanted to start a fire in my ear canal. I was amazed though when I was writing in my journal at 10:00 and I had already gone on my walk, done some pilates, eaten breakfast, fed Ellie twice, and gotten ready. What was I supposed to do the rest of day?
It was really chilly the other day. It was pretty chilly today too. Pretty pathetic that what feels "pretty chilly" to me here in California actually turned out to be temperatures in the low 70's. Baah ha ha!
Hey remember my schpeal about "Real Food?" Well today this was my lunch.
 I never said I was perfect...
Oh, and remember the little girl that who's been sporting that yellow hat all over the place?
I'm sorry if I've wasted your time with a whole bunch of blog vomit. But if you were in search of a little   wasted time... you are welcome!

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  1. Elle, I love you so much & miss you more than ever. I wish we could hang out, eat frozen yogurt, and waste time together!! Oh how I look forward to next summer when the Baum clan's together again!!! Love you, Pugmires!