November 8, 2011

Have I Ever Told You...

How much I love this little girl?
She always smells like Cheerios- just slightly sweet. This, however, is a mystery to me because she never actually eats Cheerios. She has the girliest giggle and squeal. She has a gigantic smile. He is coordinated and has terrific balance. She is cuddly. She loves to eat and sleep. She looks at me... all. the. time. It drives BJ crazy because every time he's holding her she's cranking her neck toward whatever direction I'm in so she can look at me. She loves me and I am grateful and proud of that. I love her feet. Her toes are a little bit skiwampus and I want to eat them up. Her chubby cheeks probably receive 500 kisses a day because they are totally irresistible. Every feature on her face is feminine. I am in love- completely and totally. 
Have I ever told you how much I love this guy?
(This picture was taken moments after Ellie was born.)
BJ is fun. BJ is happy and fun loving. BJ is sensitive and caring. BJ doesn't like contention. He is scrappy in anything athletic he does- he will figure out a way to win. He is talented. Most of the time he is thinking of others and what he can do to serve them. He is kind. BJ is a devoted husband, father, son, and brother. BJ is funny- I didn't realize how funny until I married him. He makes me laugh every day. Today I cried when I went to put something away in his closet and saw that what once was a massive mound of clean clothes, shoes, socks, and sports apparel that always drives me crazy- was now a neat, orderly, organized closet. It's little things like this that BJ does for me... (He didn't clean his closet because he wanted to or cared what it looked like, but because he knew that I did. And I hadn't even asked him to do it!) that mean the world.
Just wanted to give a shout out to my little family. I love them. They are my world. Over and out.

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