October 27, 2011

Real Food Revisited: Day 4

I feel like a dead man walking. Or I guess technically, a dead woman. I am tired. I swear Ellie woke up more times last night than she ever did when she was a newborn. I can't hack it guys. I need sleep. Breakfast: bowl of 1/2 organic honey & flax granola 1/2 plain cheerios, blueberries, bananas, almonds, and milk.

Mid-morning snack: triscuits, multigrain tortilla chips, red delicious apple, and Justin's honey almond butter.
Lunch was not homemade. It was a turkey cranberry sandwich on multigrain bread from Nordstrom with a green salad on the side.
But at least dinner was better...
After one and a half chocolate chip cookies from Costco, I had about five or six of these. Actually five or six was the number I got to when I decided to stop counting. Not real. Not homemade. Not good for me. But good tasting. Convenient also. On hand and longing for my attention. These oreos were lonely. They needed some recognition and I stepped up.
What I'm realizing is this: Real Food is delicious. Real Food is healthy. Real Food is one of the best ways I can nurture my hard-working husband. Real Food is what I want to eat... most of the time. Preparing Real Food is time consuming and effort-full (yes that's a word. it means full of effort.) It's 2011 people, and I'm gonna eat my oreos every once in a while. The situation gets sticky when I recognize the fact that I made a goal to eat dessert only one day a week and uh... hello... it's Halloween weekend starting tomorrow. Not. Gonna. Happen.
As Marjorie Hinckley would say, "Better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all."
I'll be back at it again in the morning though. Hopefully I won't be reporting so many processed foods. Instead I'll be kicking the day off with some quinoa (probably,) and definitely ending the day with some homemade chili. Stay tuned...
The baby is crying... Again. :)
Sleep well tonight. At least one of us should. (Ellie's head looks rather alienesque in this picture. Don't worry. She's actually quite adorable.)


  1. I love you, Elle! And I'm so happy you ate Oreos! I was feeling really inferior reading your one dessert a week idea. That's just crazy! Kiss that sweet baby for me! If I could I would wisk her away and let you sleep for hours. Hugs!

  2. This cracked me up. It was like a chronology of reality. Life is like that. It seems to me that I can never keep all the Cheerios off the floor, and my meals reach perfection about once every 9 days. Well, drink up some milk with those oreos and toast yourself for your great efforts.