October 26, 2011

Real Food Revisited: Day 3

I'm exhausted, and in a really terrible mood. Being a grown up is stressful. And we're grown-ups living in someone else's house. We're in way over our heads. Ahhh!
Breakfast: I can't even remember. I'm ready for this day to be over. homemade granola with bananas, pomegranate seeds and milk. I'll share this granola recipe with you sometime. You'll thank me for it I'm sure.
Lunch: leftover bacon chicken and dumplings. steamed beets and mushrooms with goat cheese and spiced pecans. You've seen these pictures already. Nothing new.
Snack: quinoa with apple, almonds, milk and honey. Oh man... thinking about this might possibly improve my bad mood.  Oh yep. I feel much better.
Dinner: BJ's favorite meal: homemade pizzas with whole wheat crust, bbq sauce, carmelized red onions, fire roasted corn, and mozarella cheese, (Last time I put bbq'd chicken on too and it was great. I didn't feel like bbq-ing chicken today.) and mini heirloom tomatoes with white balsamic vinegar.

 And Ellie Layne for dessert.


  1. sorry about the rough patch. hope things look up tomorrow. all my love lpug.

  2. That pizza looks amazing!! I wish you could cook for us! It all looks delicious (except the whole milk)! xo