November 1, 2012

Halloween Regrets and a Ferris Wheel

By the end of Halloween night I was in a bad mood. I felt like a bad parent, I was tired, bored, and cranky. Ellie wouldn't go to sleep, and BJ's mom and dad killed us in every round of Rook we played. I ate apple slices for dinner since the soup I had made to put inside pumpkins had been left out for too long and posed potential food posioning. I didn't even take my darling 17 month old trick-or-treating cause I was been practical and lame. I can promise you this: next year Halloween better watch out, cause we are gonna rock the socks off of that darn holiday. I went to bed last night setting parenting goals in my journal, trying to make up in any way I could for my mothering failures of the day.
When I realized this morning that I was running out of days to run to the Irvine Spectrum to shop for a wedding gift for my old roomate's wedding next week (long, confusing sentence), I decided to wait until the evening when BJ could go with me so that we could finally do something a little more fun than sitting in bed at 7:30 watching Fox news. Ellie came with us (like always) and we rode the ferris wheel together. You know, the ferris wheel that BJ proposed to me on in July 2008. The ferris wheel that changed our lives for eternity. The ferris wheel where it all began. The ferris wheel where Ellie Layne became a real possibility. The ferris wheel that I really, really love. That ferris wheel. 
And even after that lovely date to the Irvine Spectrum, and our nostalgic ferris wheel ride, I'm still in a bad mood. We still haven't found out if our offer on the home was accepted, and it has now been FOUR days of waiting, and I ate brownies for lunch today, and brownies and ice cream after dinner tonight. Ugh. No matter how good that dessert tastes in the moment, it never leaves you feeling too great does it? Also (if you hadn't guessed already) it's that time... if you know what I mean. Double ugh.
But look how cute she is.
 I'll say goodnight now, because I believe that's enough venting for one night.

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  1. Girl I'm so sorry about the bad night :( I feel ya though with being a little grumpy and then that 'time' just makes it even better right...? haha But I love you!! i love your cute baby and cute family!! I hope you find out soon about your house, that's just so HARD to wait SOOOO LONG to find out!! So sorry that's stressful. Well you are amazing and beautiful. Keep smiling :) love your face!!