December 30, 2011

Letter to BJ #3

Hi BJ!
Today was fun- ironically so (I mean, we went to a funeral for crying out loud.) We didn't do anything exceptionally wonderful, but some days just seem to be naturally better than others. Today was one of those days. It started with 7 a.m. yoga by me while Ellie sat on the floor and watched, smiled, talked, and played with a pom-pom. We ate breakfast. Dad, Em, Tate, Ellie and I went up the canyon to feed ducks, but to no avail. All the streams, ponds, and lakes we visited were frozen and duckless. We got ready for the funeral and hung out. Ellie fell off the bed at the end of her nap and I found her wailing on the floor, face-down. (Heartbreaker.) We had a photo shoot in our fancy funeral duds. 

Ellie fell asleep on our way to the funeral and slept for about half of it. She was a little restless once she woke up and although she was buried deep in her fury pink coat and new fury white hat, I think was a little chilly. Her nose would not stop running today.
We came home and changed our clothes and then all went to Bajio for dinner. We walked around Riverwoods together, played at Blickenstaff's, and got ice-cream at Ikes.

I started Meredith's solo with her tonight and saw Steph while I was at it. It always feels so nice to dance... usually leaves me feeling happy and full. I'm at home now with my mom watching t.v. Ellie woke up once to nurse and I gave her a kiss from you like you told me to. We're missing you honey, and love you like crazy. We'll talk to you soon. Sleep well.
xoxo- Elle

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  1. Oh, I love these letters. Being away from each other is so hard. This is so creative and I may have to copy you! Ellie's pink furry coat is adorable! You're such a good mommy! xoxo