December 29, 2011

Letter to BJ #2

I got some pictures early this morning of Ellie in the bathtub. She was a riot in that big tub. She's used to being crammed into a tiny kitchen sink you know. She was loving all the space and the fact that she could kick and splash and not hit her head like she does in the confines of the sink. She also discovered a new trick while in the bath this morning and I couldn't stop it because it made me laugh so hard every time. She'd turn her head to the side with her mouth open and let the water gently pour into her mouth. 
I yelled at Donny to come watch her for a second so I could go grab my camera. I got some pretty great shots.
Other than that, nothing very noteworthy happened today. I had a dreamy nap with Ellie, a short walk until it started raining, and a trip to the mall to return some items- all to find out I had left all those items at home. I bought Ellie a onesie today with ballerinas all over it. I think it suits her well. 
Enjoy your Friday honey. Work on your class.
I love you.

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