December 28, 2011

Cheers 2011

(I saw this idea on a friend's blog. Loved it. Thanks Brittany.)
2011 was a year to remember. Here are the highlights- month by month.

January required a lot of gumption on my part. Going back to school after a long Christmas break was hard, and although I was just beginning to show I thought my baby would never come. January was unusually cold. My baby kept me well insulated.
(Oh my kindergartners... Mondays just aren't the same without you.)
February brought fun with friends and family as we watched the Superbowl. I gave BJ a new t.v. for our bedroom on Valentine's day. "The Office" never had such devoted fans. (Hey friends... we miss you!)
Can anyone say Jimmer??? We. were. obsessed. Even Ellie was a Jimmer fan. She'd go crazy in my stomach at those games. We loved BYU basketball season 2011. Didn't miss a game.
April was the month of nesting. I worked and worked to prepare Ellie's nursery. I had all my baby showers. My belly grew and I counted down the days til May 19th.
Ellie Layne Pugmire arrived on her due date at 5:59 p.m. I think I prayed her here. I thought I would die if I had to wait another day to meet her.
In June I tried to settle into my role as mother. There were a lot of tears- on my end and Ellie's. But we were infatuated with our teeny little newborn and she was healthy as could be.
July brought a lot of firsts for Ellie: first soccer game, first time swimming, first time on an airplane, first time in New York City, first time in Park City, first fourth of July, first fireworks, and first time sleeping through the night.
In August we packed our bags (and every possession we own) and moved to California. The move was bittersweet, but we were excited for our new adventure in the golden state.
September brought a lot of changes and adjustment- BJ getting used to working full time, and me getting used to being a mom all by myself- all day every day. The adjustments from September continue to carry on... we'll see when this new life begins to feel normal. A trip home to Utah seemed to soften the blow.
Ellie cracked us up at Halloween dressed as a strawberry. She teethed like it was her job, and we were given some responsibilities in our ward.
In November, BJ and I celebrated our third anniversary and spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Utah. BJ and Ellie bonded like never before. We worked tirelessly to make Ellie giggle.
We celebrated our first Christmas as a family and loved it.

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  1. beautiful year elle. you've accomplished so much. proud of ya. when can i see you?