January 1, 2012

Letter to BJ #4

Hey Beej,
Sorry I'm late with the letter. I'm glad that you were anxiously awaiting it. Yesterday was busy and exciting and there wasn't a lot of time for blogging. I started the morning again with yoga- Ellie watched and played nearby on the floor. I worked with Meredith on her solo. We ate lunch and then drove up to Midway to go ice skating. I didn't skate cause I knew my mom would need help watching the babies and I wanted to put our new camera to use. (Our new camera is lovely, FYI.) We came home and had a great dinner and then played games all together. We played charades and you should have seen my dad acting out "Ronald Weasley." I didn't stay awake til midnight, but we banged pots and pans at ten, so I din't feel too bad about the situation.
Today Ellie and I stayed home from church. (We need you here to keep us in line. ;) ) I haven't slept well for days, because Ellie hasn't slept well since we got here. As a result, I woke up this morning with a headache in full force, and Ellie's nose was running like a faucet- as well as her left eye. We took two naps together today- the first, an hour and a half... the second- three hours. We ate dinner: ribs and salmon, and now we're watching Big Bang Theory together- trying to get Katie and Jason to see the light.
We're having fun, but I sure wish you were here... or that I could somehow be in two places at once. I hope Dani and Daron are keeping you entertained. I love you honey. Enjoy these awesome pictures. I love my family. And you. xoxo- Elle

Don't you love Katie's boys minnion hats? So cute. And you know Em made Tate's owl hat. Love it.

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