November 25, 2011

What Makes Us... Us

I think every married couple could conjure up a list of quirks and traits that make them as a couple unique. Here are a few I came up with...
 1st- I don't like BJ in the kitchen. I don't want him helping me in the kitchen because I feel very territorial there. This just so happens to be the ideal fit for BJ because he'd rather drop dead than have to prepare something to eat himself. I cook, and BJ eats. I literally think BJ would starve to death if I died. Unless, of course, his mother or sisters, or (heaven forbid ;) ) another wife were there to take care of him.
 2nd- BJ and I slept together on the couch for the first two years of our marriage. BJ couldn't fall asleep without watching t.v. and I hated to going to bed without him. Inevitably, we'd fall asleep mid-movie and end up staying there the rest of the night.
3rd- We don't exercise together. That is something we do individually seeing as I like to walk and do yoga and BJ prefers to play a sport competitively as his form of exercise.
 4th- We watch Bill O Reilly nearly every night together.
5th- We never share food at a restaurant because BJ claims that whatever I choose is the last thing on the menu he would ever want. I always think I don't want what he's ordering until his food actually comes... then it tastes pretty good.
6th- He likes the sheets tight around his feet and doesn't care if his torso is covered. I want the sheets lightly covering my feet but completely bundled up by my chin. Our bed looks like a tornado hit come morning.
 7th- Neither of us care much about traveling. We don't have a great desire to visit foreign countries or tour famous cities. Our idea of a great vacation is sleeping in, eating well, exercising (him with golf... can you call that exercise? and me with some pilates), seeing some good movies, and laying by a pool, ocean, or lake.
8th- We are boring. Really, really, boring. But we're happy with our simple routines.
9th- We don't hang out a lot with friends. We spend most of our time with family.
10th- We like to go on drives to look at houses and dream about and plan for our home in the future.
11th- We like babies.
12th- BJ is the worry worm. I calm, and reassure often.
       13th- BJ is goofy and a better dancer than I am. I just wish the world could see his moves.
14th- BJ hates spending money, and I am quickly becoming more and more frugal.
15th- We understand each other quite well. We can almost always guess how the other one would react to any given situation.

That is all.     


  1. This is cute! It made me think what "Quirk's" Caleb and I have. I especially liked the one that said, "We are boring...really really boring!" I feel that is us too ;)

  2. This is so fun! We have a ton of quirk's too! And I bet we could compete with you in the "boring" area. We're painfully boring but I LOVE IT!