November 24, 2011

Our Las Vegas Adventure

BJ and I had our first intentional night away from Ellie this past Sunday. She had stayed with Sweetheart (BJ's mom's alternative grandma title) once before, but that was really on accident. I was recovering from an emergency surgery and we were lucky Sweetheart was in town. But this time... we meant to leave Ellie in Sweetheart's hands.
As I mentioned earlier, this Friday is mine and BJ's third wedding anniversary. We were heading up to Utah for Thanksgiving and it just so happened that a dear family friend offered their time share in Vegas for a midway resting point for us. Once BJ's mom heard that news she offered to watch Ellie so we could enjoy Las Vegas baby-free. So on Sunday afternoon, right after church we packed up the car and said goodbye to our baby girl. As we drove we listened to "The Lost Symbol" on c.d., and that was awesome in and of itself. We arrived in sin city a little after seven and were welcomed by some tough guy shouting profanities out of his car window at a fellow California driver. BJ insisted, "don't look at him Elle." When I asked why he replied, "cause I don't want to give him any reason to shoot us." Ha. Welcome to Vegas.
We ate dinner at an overpriced Italian restaurant and then BJ treated me to a Cirque Du Soleil show that blew both of our minds. We had been practically falling asleep at dinner we were so tired and thought we'd be doomed by the 9:30 showtime, but our attention was captured immediately, and we were enthralled with the performance until the final bow.
Le Reve was in a theater within the Wynn hotel. It was colorful- just like the Las Vegas folk.
The show was spectacular, awe-inspiring, brilliant. See it if you can. I found myself wondering how on earth there were enough people with he-man strength and guts to cast this show. Where do people like that come from? X-men I tell you.
Our hotel was equally colorful, and the employees there... even more so. Beej was totally freaked out by the guy who checked us in at the registration desk, and my tired headache was not aided by the blaring music in the lobby that chanted over and over again... "get your f***in' hands up." However, we were not dissuaded yet. The piano in the lobby was fabulous, and the bed in our room satisfied our every need. We crashed the minute we entered our room and slept til nine the next morning. We are two people who need our sleep.
We continued driving Monday morning... listening to "The Lost Symbol" all the way. Well... almost.
We got a little loopy towards the end.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. My lack of blogging last week has me feeling recharged... plenty more posts to come.

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