November 26, 2011

A Smorgasbord of Thanksgiving Pictures

When we have Thanksgiving with my family a holiday tradition always takes place. My dad heads up some sort of activity to get the men and kids out of the house on Thanksgiving morning while the women cook. Even though we had a strange assortment of family at home this year the tradition lived on. Last year was bowling, years past have offered turkey bowls, ultimate frisbee games, and even skeet shooting. This year was a little more low key. BJ and my dad had planned on taking the babies up the canyon to feed the ducks but neither of them were feeling very good- especially my nephew Tate. They went on a walk around the neighborhoods and by the time they got back this is what we saw...
Thanksgiving dinner was lovely. I love cooking with my mom and sisters. It's so hard to pick a favorite item from the menu, but I think this year it was the turkey itself... cranberries an essential partner.
When we're living our regular, non-vacation life in California BJ leaves to work around 6 a.m.- before Ellie's awake. He gets home from work each night around 5 or 5:30 and Ellie goes to bed a little after 6, so he really only gets to see her for about an hour each day. This just so happens to be the time that Ellie is especially mama-clingly and usually doesn't want much to do with Beej. He hates it. He feels like he never sees her. It goes without saying that he has loved this week of free time... getting re-acquainted with his favorite little babe. She has giggled, smiled, snuggled, and loved her time with her dad. They're both pretty adorable- alone or together. She is basically his mini-me. Don't you think?
We've loved having my nephew Tate here (and of course my sister-in-law Emily... miss you Don.) The poor little guy has been bumped and bruised by fall after fall, and then got really sick on top of it all. He's still adorable in spite of his poor condition, and an absolute joy to have around. He and Ellie are little playmates. We've read the book he's holding to them about a billion times this week. I think I have it memorized by now.
And what would a trip to Utah be without a visit to Sundance? I think that would be near to blaspheme. I love me some Sundance.

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