November 16, 2011

A Salad You Should Try

This salad is good. You should make it. My sister-in-law Courtney taught this one to me and now it's something I frequently crave. If the idea of craving a salad excites you then go ahead and...
cook some bowtie pasta- al dente please
get some spinach and put it in a bowl
slice up some cabbage and add to spinach
fry up some turkey bacon (I actually baked mine. It's less messy this way.) dab the grease away and let it cool. cut it with scissors into the salad
open a bag of craisins and pour to your desired sweetness/chewiness/redness
top lightly with Brianna's poppyseed dressing 
toss all together
(this picture was taken before the bacon was added, the dressing was poured, and the salad was tossed- but it just so happened to photograph a heck of a lot better than the end result)
Such a simple salad with such spectacular results. Almonds and/or pomegranate seeds are a welcome addition, but it is great as is- so you can pick your poison.

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