October 5, 2011


It started out as one of those days. You know the kind... Ellie did not sleep well. I woke up groggy and dazed. I held Ellie by the arm and sat up to entertain her. Not too long after that she was in tears. Hard tears. Her arm had been pulled out of the socket. It was limp and ineffective. She couldn't reach for a toy or even grasp onto my finger. Her arm seemed dead. I, of course, was in tears and muttering prayer after desperate prayer in my head- images flashing across my mind of Ellie learning to dance and run with only one working arm. BJ scrambled and had everyone in the household looking up phone numbers of medicine men, nurses, chiropractors, old pediatricians, and insurance agents. Luckily our insurance activated on October first. Luckily we got an appointment at St. Jude's even though they only had two doctors in the office that day. We:
drove to the hospital
missed the turn
flipped around
missed the entrance
flipped around again
ran through the rain
wandered around to find the correct suite
tried twice to sign in 
changed Ellie's enormous blow-out
carried Ellie around the hospital on a cold, wet day in just her diaper
accidentally pinched Ellie's stomach with her binki clip

And in the middle of all this hooplah...
Her arm was fixed by a sweetheart doctor. She was all smiles from then on out. Her arm and hand work beautifully again. She didn't care a bit that she didn't have any clothes on. BJ not having work today turned out to be a miracle in disguise. Now the cold, rainy weather is enjoyable because we can hang out together inside. We don't have a single obligation tonight. Bad days almost always get better.

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  1. oooooooh oh oh poor baby!!!! I would have died. Glad she is okay! xoxoxo