October 3, 2011

Conference Favorites

I had an institute teacher in college who quoted President Harold B. Lee saying, 
"We should let these conference addresses be the guide to our walk and talk for the next six months."
When I heard those words four years ago I felt an immediate determination to try to do just that. I haven't forgotten those words of President Kimball's. I make an effort to study the words of General Conference and live by the precepts I hear. I know peace flows into my life as a result of doing my best to follow God's prophet.
Last conference I was eight months pregnant listening to the words of our leaders from snowy Park City with my sweet husband by my side. I cried and cried as I listened to Richard G. Scott speak so lovingly about his wife and children. I was grateful for the reassurance he gave me as I was setting out into the world of motherhood. He said,
"As a mother you have been given divine instincts to help you sense your child's special talents and unique capacities. With your husband you can nurture, strengthen, and cause those traits to flower."
My favorite words from this conference again had me emotional. Elaine S. Dalton made my heart swell when she prophetically declared,
"The most important thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother."
I can't imagine much better than having a sweet baby girl. I'm grateful for a prophet and other church leaders who broaden my own understanding of how to raise a child well. I'm grateful for a husband that loves his daughter and wife.
And my final favorite words of this conference come from our very own prophet, 
President Thomas S. Monson:
"Do we wring our hands in despair and wonder how we'll ever survive in such a world? No. 
Indeed, we have in our lives the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I love this church. I always have. I always will. It is true. It is correct. And it will bring you happiness.

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