August 16, 2011

Our Heart of the Home

It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, I think that for us, our bed is the heart of our home. Since Ellie Layne came along, our bed has become somewhat of a communal thing. We eat pizza in there at night and chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. BJ brings his fishies and fruitsnacks with him to bed at the close of each day. Waterbottles rest on our night stands. We read there, pray there, listen to music there, watch "The Office" there, surf the internet there, and play with baby there. Our bed is not exclusively ours, but the little one's as well. We use every pillow we own and the sheets look as if a tornado hit come morning. We love our bed. We love our slow mornings and afternoon naps in there. 
Although Ellie started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, she has taken to waking up multiple times a night lately. Last night after feeding #1, I was taking the munchkin back to her crib. In a tired daze her arm swung around and all of her sharp-nailed fingers found their way perfectly into my right eye. I wandered my way around the dark apartment blinded from my throbbing, watery eye. The next time Ellie woke up fussing and not accepting her bunny and binki as the correct method of soothing, it was into our bed she came. We woke up slowly after a long night of feedings, fussing, and eye poking... all three of us in a row.
I love the family bed, and I think I always will.


  1. cute! i love that your bed isn't made in that photo! i always feel like i'm walking into the cleanest house when i'm there. glad to know your human! haha

  2. ha ha. Chelsey cut my hair today. we talked about you guys a lot. I am IN LOVE with her. she is adorable and so fun to talk to. I can't wait to see you. so much love