August 15, 2011

Today was Good

Today was nice. We made a lot of headway on the packing. Packing up an entire house isn't a job for the faint hearted- I'll tell you that much. We were able to spend time with my mom, my sister-in-law, and a few very dear friends. 
I sit here and type while BJ stands and bounces the baby. She is getting much pickier about how she prefers to be held. Her wiggly body doesn't want to lay down nearly as much as it used to. We still love her though. We'll bounce her all day if she insists.


  1. Oh Elle I feel ya for the packing! It's the worst!! We are finally about done with the apartment. I need to post pictures. I think you would be very proud of me and my home glamming skills. We miss you guys. Good luck with the move. Love you! Oh and I don't know why it says anonymous. This is Emily.

  2. hooray for packing! one step closer to ca!

  3. EM- I'm so excited to see pictures. And I'm glad you clarified who anonymous was. xoxo