August 17, 2011

Beejer's Birthday

I never actually call BJ- "Beejer" as the blog title alludes. I call him rather: Beej, honey, BeJota, dear, babe, and soccer star. I thought the title "Beejer and Me" had a tad more of a ring to it than "Beej and Me" did. Today his title however, is "birthday boy." And for that I am grateful. His mom called and left him a delightful, personalized birthday song message today. She chanted "bum bum bum" at the end of each verse. We smiled and laughed as we listened to the song and I made sure that BJ did not erase that message. Those kind of messages are exactly the type you need to have in reserve for a gloomy day.
My favorite part of the message though took place after the singing. She simply wished BJ a happy birthday, wished that big Elle and little Elle would treat him well on his big day, and then said,
I have always loved you, and I always will.
I felt emotions on all levels as I listened to those words. I understand them now that I have a child of my own. I have always loved Ellie and I always will. It touched me to think that JaLayne loves my husband like that- cause that's a heck of a lot of love. And I was touched by how much BJ
to be loved like that.
He is a wonderful father. He is the most sensitive and caring husband. He is a soccer star. He is a sincere, honest, and kind man. He cares about others. He works hard. He is handsome. 
Happy birthday honey. You are spectacular.

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  1. oh happy happy birthday beejer boy! :-)

    only the greatest of the great are born in august :-)