June 1, 2014

Today's Day

Posting last night made me so happy. I can't adequately describe all the reasons I love blogging, but one reason I had forgotten on my year + hiatus is that it makes me savor the every day moments and fills my heart with gratitude. Documenting has a way of lining up my blessings right in front of my eyes and helps me realize how content I am living this life of mine. I am thrilled to be back.
Eventually I want to spend some time recounting my labor and delivery with Lorenzo, and also reciting some of the wonderful details of his blessed little life. Today however, I'll give the brief minutes of our day...
Slept in
Ate breakfast
Played with Playdoh with Ellie
Went to Stake Conference
Made banana bread and a scrambled egg and veggie hash with Ellie
Ate lunch as a family
Went to Abigail Tolman's baptism
Had the friends (the Trasks, the Hoopes', and Denise & Hailey) over for ice cream
hung out with BJ
(add in several nursings, cuddles, naps and boo-boo kisses for Lorenzo)
It was a great day. I love my little family.

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