November 20, 2012

Ummm... We Got a Home!!!

Last Wednesday we received a miracle. The offer we made on a home that seemed just perfect for us was accepted. After about 5 unaccepted offers, months of house hunting every available minute of the week, and a few tears shed, not only did we find a home that seemed like a dream come true for us, but we got it. I saw the home for the first time last Tuesday morning, and my realtor said on our way there, "I think this might be the one." Then lo and behold a picture of an LDS temple hanging on the wall when I walked in the front door! And another praise was sung when I found out that the sellers were not using an agent, but would be selling directly to the buyers themselves. The night they accepted our offer I received an email confirming the acceptance,
"We have reveiwed the offers received and even though your client's offer isn't the strongest one we would prefer to sell to them... We are excited about the opportunity to transfer our home to the Pugmires who we know will enjoy and cherish their time in our home as much as we did."
The home was built in 1987. (The year I was born.) It has three bedrooms and a loft that could easily be converted into a fourth bedroom to accomodate our (hopefully) growing family. The inside is neutral, clean, and filled with light. And the backyard has a large covered patio, a BIG grass area, and tons of garden space. There are 2 avocado trees, 1 lemon tree, 1 navel tree, 3 peach trees, and a pluot tree. It was dirt space for corn and potatoes, and 4 raised garden beds with a built-in irrigation system.
I am over the moon with excitement, enthusiasm, and gratitude. BJ is excited, stressed, and overwhelmed. All day and night daydreams, visions, and planning rule my mind as I create the perfect home for my little family.


  1. BEST NEWS EVER!!!! SO happy for your Ells! Can't wait to come down and visit!

  2. HOw exciting!!! Congrats you guys! That is so amazing!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is so amazing! The home is beautiful and what fun you will have making this your home. So happy for you guys! xoxo