November 11, 2012

Tate and Ellie

Ellie was so happy that her cousin Tate came to visit while we were in Utah. She'd call his name in a high pitched voice every morning first thing, and he'd come running. Because they're so close in age they have a sort of love/hate relationship. One minute they're giggling together having so much fun, and the next they're pushing, whining, and screaming that the other one just took the toy they wanted to play with. Most of the time Tate treated Ellie like his little sweetheart: putting his hand on the small of her back while he walked by her side, sharing his sippy cup and and blueberries with her, and waiting for her whenever she was a little slower doing things than him. My favorite thing they did together was dance. We'd turn on music for them and they'd dance and dance and dance, inevitably crashing into each other mulitple times. One time they danced right after a bath together, and watching their little naked bodies rocking around had us all rolling with laughter. Is anything better than a couple darling kids?

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