November 11, 2012


The snow is so, so cold, but it is so magical too. I loved seeing the incredible snowfall this weekend at my parent's house through Ellie's eyes. She was fascinated. We loved playing in it and bundling up for it. We sledded down the back hill on Saturday in the 12 + inches of snow and I kept saying, "One more time." "One more run." I couldn't get enough. It was so fun and took me back to my childhood and the many, many times I sled down that hill. I couldn't get any pictures of the sledding because tromping through that much snow, with that many layers, in slippery boots is hard enough without carrying a marshmallow shaped toddler the entire time. Sledding was a great workout heaving Ellie up that hill after each run. I hope it snows a bunch at Christmas- for Ellie's enjoyment, my own, and so BJ can sled with us. It's especially nice when we can come back to California and enjoy wearing our opened toed shoes and mary janes again. We've got the best of both worlds.

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  1. Seriously so cute!!!! and yes, that is nice to have the best of both worlds. I long for the snow right now! we will go home for Christmas enjoy it for a month and then head back here on our little island. Hope you are well, and that adorable Ellie is too cute to handle! xoxo