October 22, 2012


I got a text message from my sister Jess last night:
Jess: Seriously?!? You haven't updated your blog since the 11th of last month. Post something already. I've given up on Kate. But you have to make up the difference. Ready. Set. Blog.
I told her I would blog when we get our own house...which probably isn't true, because we probably won't be able to pay for wi-fi when we do. 
We are currently looking to buy a home here in southern California. It is a very discouraging pursuit. Housing here is insultingly expensive, and the market is quickly going up. We are beginning to feel very, very discouraged. I told BJ last week that I feel like I'm pregnant with this house. You know how when you're pregnant for the first time 90% of your thoughts throughout the day are about your new baby, your new life, motherhood, etc? Well that's how I feel about finding a home. I daydream about refinishing kitchen cupboards, and gardening my own yard. I can't wait to buy a round table for the kitchen and a roll arm sofa for the family room. I can't wait for Ellie to play out back while I wash dishes and watch her out the kitchen window. My head is constantly buzzing with ways to repurpose old furniture, and color schemes I'd like to use. If you'd like, you can pray for us, cause heaven knows we're gonna need a miracle to find a home we can afford that is just right for us.
I've been teaching dance a lot more lately, and am loving it. I work at a studio that is 7 minutes away from my house, and I have the most adorable students. I love moving my body and watching Ellie learn some moves as I choreograph at home.
I've been to Utah twice recently, and it always makes me happy to be there.
I love listening each day to a couple recent general conference addresses. I think my favorite this conference was Neil L. Anderson's, "Trial of Your Faith" talk.
Ellie is growing up every day. She looks so tall and old. Her hair is coming in and it melts me. She is becoming more and more independent, learning more words, and getting to be really coordinated. She has much more of an opinion than she's ever had, and sometimes her will is like iron. But she still melts us, and we still long for her every night when she's asleep in her bed and not near us. She is awesome, challenging, and adorable... everything a 17 month old should be.

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  1. She DOES look older and taller! Good luck on the house search. I thought buying in cheap-o Utah was stressful, so the thought of southern California makes my head spin!