September 11, 2012

My Working Man

I am so proud of my husband. He has entered this new phase of his life with so much gumption and grace. He's  jumped head first into being a father and a provider and never looked back. Last year he went from being a soccer playing college athlete, student, and part time coach to a father who is now the sole breadwinner. He started working for his dad in August and started at the bottom of the totem pole, as you may remember here. He has been patiently chugging along with his head down and his shoulder to the wheel. He is learning the ropes and finding success. He is a diligent employee. He is tenacious and lovable. He is timely in everything he does and he is an excellent communicator. I am so proud seeing this ambitious, determined side of BJ manifest itself in his work. I also love the way he balances his family life with work, his church calling, and his "play time." On Friday he rearranged his work schedule so he could meet me at the hospital and take care of me and Ellie. Yesterday he took Ellie with him at 2 o'clock because he wasn't going to be able to meet me at 4 like I needed him to so I could teach dance. He basically has become this he-man for me this year. I am so proud of him. Like the saying goes, "A man is never taller than when he's on his knees." I feel like BJ has never been more strong and admirable to me than he has this year. He has stepped up to the plate in a big way. BJ, you are my Superman. (Or Wolverine, because he's way better, and I like him way more than Superman.)
(BJ next to his new work truck. July 2012)


  1. such a cutie pie. if only he had on THE belt....

  2. I love you too, Beej! Maybe not quite as much as Elle, but, pretty close. Handsome guy and great-looking truck!