April 27, 2012

We Went to the Beach

We're really lucky that on Fridays BJ's work slows down quite a bit. Today we met for lunch in Newport and then went to the beach.
I took off my shoes so I could walk barefoot in the sand.
We laid out a blanket,

and watched Ellie eat some sand.
We took off Ellie's dress,
and she liked it.
I took her to the water,
and threw her in the air.
Ellie and her dad
chased the waves.
We went back to the blanket and I admired my girl
while daddy took a phone call.
And then we gathered up our things and Ellie held onto our fingers as we walked back to the car.


  1. love the beach!!! ellie is seriously adorable!!! even if she gets fussy sometimes it's okay. They are still love able. love all your cute pics!! looks so fun to walk on the sand bare foot!! kinda jealous.

  2. So cute!! Write this from Ellie's perspective, and you have a perfect children's book ready to publish!

  3. I agree with Valynn. You should write a book! Serious.

  4. Dreamy. All of it. Elle, you are gawgeous!! Simply gorgeous!! So excited to be together this summer!!!!! xo

  5. That pic of you throwing Ellie up in the air seriously needs to be in a magazine!