April 27, 2012


When Ellie was only a few months old BJ lovingly creating the nickname "fuss-a-magoo" to use in moments of need. If someone was asked to spell "fuss-a-magoo" in a spelling bee and asked for a definition from the judge, he might hear something like,
"Fuss-a-magoo: a term used by a parent when their extremely fussy baby is testing their last nerve, and they want to express their frustration in a tactful, non-insulting way."
Lately, Ellie has taken her "fuss-a-magoo" self to a new level of fussiness. Last night I prayed that when I woke up this morning I would be ready to be a good mother again. We'll see if that prayer is answered...


  1. I hear ya sista! Tate has also taken "fuss-a-magoo" to new heights lately. I've been calling it a case of terrible twos. Unbelievable how they can go from being the sweetest, happiest little person on earth to kicking and screaming in a snap! I've been doing a lot of deep breathing lately!! A LOT!

  2. I think it's just a toddler thing. Millie is quite the "fuss-a-magoo" too! I too pray to be a better mother...sometimes I think that I will wake up and just all of a sudden be a better mother. It doesn't seem to happen. What's the deal? :) She is too cute Elle!

  3. In the last picture I think she totally looks like bj's twin!