February 28, 2012

On Saturday We...

-Ate breakfast in bed, and then laid around together all morning.
-Went to the Orange County zoo at Irvine park.
-Had a picnic.
-Played on the grass at the park.
-Pointed at lots of animals.
-Tied a balloon to Ellie's wrist for the first time. It was pink, and she loved it.
-Got frozen yogurt together.
-Watched Ratatouille and took naps.
-Spent the entire day together as a family.
BJ's been loving golf lately- like head-over-heels for it. I haven't been loving golf lately, cause its stealing all my husband's time. BJ and I agreed that last Saturday would be exclusively a family day. It was low-key, relaxing, and fun. I love that I have my own family now. There's nothing I like better than a day spent just with them.


  1. Such a fun day! I treasure days like this. You guys are so adorable and Asher just started saying "mama" also! It melted my heart! xoxo

  2. gosh, your food always looks so delicious! Love the heart strawberries--a very nice touch :-)

    We really need to come out there and see you guys...it makes me sad I have never even held Ellie...ugh kills me actually.

  3. You look absolutely stunning! If I ever cut my hair I am going straight to your hairstylist and asking for the "Ellery" cut.