January 31, 2012

My Baby Felt Like a Baby Today

Ellie woke up today and was in the mood to cuddle. She stayed in that mood for the remainder of the day, and as a result, stayed in my arms or lap for the majority of it. She didn't squirm and reach to explore and boast her independence, she just stayed quietly in my arms. I must have kissed her chubby cheeks at least 400 times. Oh it felt good to me a mother today.
Lately I've been a little freaked out by how old Ellie is seeming. She's on the road to walking, completely bypassing the option to crawl, and I'm already fine-tuning the details of her first birthday party (still a few months away... I'm getting ahead of myself.) I'm loving how her personality blossoms as she gets older, how I can now see her hill-billy teeth as they break through the gums, and how what used to be a gentle giggle is now a full-fledged laugh from deep in her gut. But I'm sad that the "baby" stage is such a fleeting moment. My baby is gonna be a toddler before I know it. 
I just hope there are plenty more days like today... days where all she wants is to rest in the arms of her mama. I don't care if she's eight months old or eighteen years. I'll always welcome days like today.


  1. beautiful post! Do you remember Mila McLaughling? She had her baby a few weeks before you. She just started taking her first steps and she never crawled. I guess it's pretty normal :)

  2. Elle, she is so cute! What a precious little girl...and I must say something about the headbands. Adorable!!!!!!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I miss that little lady so much! I'm pretty sure she probably misses me too. Just want to sqeeze her and kiss those chubby cheeks! Love you guys. Miss you!