January 4, 2012

Letter to BJ #6

Hey babe,
Sorry this letter is late. I spent last night chatting with my sisters and mom, and watching Love Actually- not blogging. Yesterday was really nice, not super eventful, but nice. Yesterday morning I took Ellie on a walk and passed by some of my favorite houses. I can't wait til the day when we have our own house, Beej. I don't care if it's small, in fact, I think small houses are often the most charming. I just want a home that's ours- a home where we can raise our family, where we can start and carry out traditions, a place where we can sit on the porch and watch our kids play, a place where we can set up a trampoline or a treehouse, a place where I can create the kind of refuge that I want you and our children to come home to. I want to cook, homemake, and for goodness sakes, even clean a house that is all ours. Again, I don't care if it's small. I 'll work in the yard and keep a little garden of tomatoes and herbs. You'll work in the yard and teach the kids to rake leaves, weed flower beds, and mow the lawn. (I guess you'll have to learn to do that yourself first. ;) ) It'll be a good day when we turn the key and open the door to a home that's all our own. It might be a townhome, a condo, an old, not very nice house, or possibly even an apartment. But it will be ours, and it will be lovely.
I walked past this house yesterday:
I love this home. I showed it to you when we were here for Thanksgiving. It's not incredibly spectacular in size, but this house has so much going for it. Besides the undeniable charm of the red doors, I love this home because a family lives there. Every time I pass by it I see signs of a family: dad and son in the backyard together, small bicycles left on the front porch, a trampoline and a hot tub in the backyard, and the touch of a detail oriented mother. I love this house.
We'll have a house like this one day, Beej.
I also love this one: (showed it to you last time too)
Anyway, I'm always dreaming. One of my favorite things is driving around with you and looking at houses. We should schedule a date to do this when I get home.
Yesterday was fun. Most noteworthy, obviously, is Mitt winning the Iowa caucus! Can you believe it? I love him. I love how he quoted lines from America the Beautiful. Life is good Beej. I'm getting so anxious to see you. I'm dreaming of you too. Always.
I love you to the moon and back,


  1. oh man...could you pass on some of/all those desires to me?? daron would be in heaven all day every day.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha. you are great just the way you are. i love you!