January 2, 2012

Letter to BJ #5

Hey honey,
I have pictures for you today from our hike to the Y. It was so fun. We've really got to do that together sometime. Today the weather was beautiful. We were outside this afternoon in jeans and shirt-sleeves (as your and my dad would say.) I felt like I was in California- only without you, nor any green grass or blooming plants. 

We went to lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe. Their dessert pizza is amazing I might add. (Namely: cookie dough pizza. I had a HUGE piece of it.) 
I bought a small gift for McKenzie's baby at Gymboree and bought Ellie some leggings and a shirt too. Stephanie, Liz, and I met at McKenzie's house and chatted for two hours. I love those girls. (I have some juicy updates for you that I'd better not publicly display here on the internet.)

 Tonight when I came home my siblings and parents and I took the color code personality test. I was shocked to find that my mom was not predominantly red... she was blue and white mostly. Donny was almost entirely white, which really, really suits him. We don't have much yellow going on in this family. I guess we're all just a bunch of duds. ;)

Ellie is having such a hard time sleeping here. She's happy as can be during the day if I, or Em are around. But she seems to get nervous when I'm away or when she's in our room trying to go to sleep by herself. She's so sweet. Her eyes and nose are still running like crazy. I can't wait for you to see her. I really think she misses you. I sure do. I hope you're doing well my dear. Have a good night. I'm thinking of you. xoxo, 

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