December 10, 2011

One Dull Post

My desire to blog lately has been non-existent. I've been busy making Christmas arrangements, tracking down, devising, making and buying Christmas gifts, doing yoga and pilates each day, and taking care of my baby girl and husband. My words are un-inspired and un-inspiring, but nonetheless...
I'm still snapping photos of my little darling... (which won't be crummy quality photographs for too much longer- Santa, I promise I've been good! Wink, wink.)
I'm sure you've noticed that Ellie could use a little work learning how to close her mouth. I don't know what that's all about, but seriously, her mouth is never closed. It's adorable and endearing now because she looks like a little baby bird waiting for her food, but when she's 18 years old sitting in math 101... not. so. much. We'll have to work on that. At least we've got a little time before she's 18.
I'm currently in love with the baby bullet my mother-in-law bought me. Ellie is currently in love with homemade applesauce, and cooked carrots mashed up and mixed with (breast)milk.

I've been frustrated a little and cried a couple times this week. My romantic fantasies of motherhood being perfect have been shattered... but then I force myself to remember:
nothing is perfect here.
In fact... all the very best things require work and sacrifice and even some occasional (or frequent) tears. It's all part of the game. And even though that sounds dramatic, please know that I love being a mother, even if it makes me cry sometimes.

... and that is the sum of my un-inspired words. Merry Christmas!

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