December 26, 2011

Lately I'm Loving...

-Ellie's two front bottom teeth. They show when she cries and pulls her strained faces. Pretty adorable.
-Christmas break. I love having BJ around with me all day.
-This stage Ellie's in. When she was a newborn I didn't want her to grow at all, but I'm finding that as she gets older her personality blossoms. I love her talking and giggles, seeing her sit up and eat real food.
-Time with family. The Pugmire and Baum families have got to be some of the best around.
-Movies. Finally some good movies in the theater. I saw War Horse today and loved it.
-Setting goals and writing in my journal.
-Homemade granola and lots of home-cooked meals.
-Utilizing my Christmas gifts. Learning how to use a fancy camera.
-Being a mom. I feel like I went through a rough patch for a while and had a hard time enjoying mothering, but now I'm on the other side of the slump. I love nuturing- holding, kissing, rocking, and consoling my baby. I love being a mom.

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