December 1, 2011

Hot and Cold

Sometimes I enjoy my daughter best when she's sleeping.
I texted BJ early this morning, "baby for sale."The little one was driving me bezerk.
She hasn't slept well in over a week and when she smiled at me from her crib at 6:45 this morning I did not smile back. But when she's asleep and cuddling into her bunny, when I get to browse through photos of her that I snapped that day, and when I finally get to step back and think about this whole mothering business... then I am ready to smile back at her.
I love this little girl even though she makes me crazy.
Isn't she beautiful?


  1. That is so normal Elle. I look forward to nap time. It's your "me" selfish as that sounds. But every mom needs it to function! She is quite cute I must say!!

  2. Elle! I can totally see YOU in her in these pictures. She's a beauty!

  3. Awww... I love to hear that!