November 14, 2011

a little poem

morning comes with squawks and tears
soon a happy face appears
hungry girl joins me in bed
her giggling- music to my ears

morning science, breakfast time
life sure changes on a dime
all my day is now for her
diapers, feedings, life's a blur

messy faces, poopy pants
crying, wailing, angry chants
Ellie smiles- my heart melts
this gal's got me in a trance

dinner, fox news, lots of stress
pretty soon- house all a mess
time to hold her- settle down
family sitting all around

bath time, bed time, one last feed
what else does this baby need
teeth brushed, face washed, BJ's here
all I need is resting near


  1. Adorable! You're such a talented gal, Elle. Hugs!!

  2. very sweet! Your look beautiful Elle.