October 25, 2011

Real Food Revisited: Day 2- and Other Ramblings

Breakfast: whole wheat french toast with raspberry compote, bananas, and a side of scrambled eggs.
I don't usually make a breakfast that's this extravagant but BJ ended up not having work so I went ahead with my boastful housewife desires to impress. And he was. (Impressed that is.) However, the picture I took of it with my o-l-d camera left nothing to be desired. It actually reminded me of the plates of food that show at the beginning of Napolean Dynamite.
So moving on... Along with the french toast this morning I made some homemade granola which turned out fabulously. This became my mid-morning snack with one diced apple and honey flavored greek yogurt.

Lunch: leftover butternut squash soup, red grapes, and one triangle of BJ's quesadilla. 
Dinner: oh was this good. high quality pasta with roasted broccoli, cauliflower and a parmesan creme fraiche sauce. salad with steamed beets, goat cheese, spiced pecans, and pomegranate seeds. I made BJ's salad with raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, spiced pecans, and pomegranate seeds because he thinks beets taste like dirt. Which, they do. Which is why I'm not sure why I still love them so much. Although, maybe it has something to do with the fact that they're absolutely decadent when paired with goat cheese, and I would be happy to live on goat cheese exclusively. But then again, I love 'em without goat cheese. Dirt tasting beets are a mystery to me. My favorite kind of mystery.

I have to admit that I'm going to bed tonight a little too full. That pasta was heavy and I ate more of it than BJ did. Me eating more than BJ happens more often than I would like to acknowledge. But what are you gonna do? Eating less certainly is not an option I'd like to consider. So thank you for understanding.
Aside from all the chopping, washing, and stirring I did today I managed to capture some seriously adorable moments. Can you guess who my object was?
As stated before, Ellie loves brushing her (teeth?) along with me in the morning. Today after we finished brushing she did not wanna let that toothbrush go. See for yourself...
And Ellie sat up today! The longest she was able to sit up without face planting was probably 10 seconds, which I think is pretty darn impressive for a little five month old. She might not sit as erectly as I do, but hey, she's not a dancer. Cut her some slack!

Mom may or may not have forced Ellie to practice one too many times.
We saw this love leaf, lovely leaf, leaf that looks like a heart on our walk. Ahhh.
Oh you're gonna love these ones!
Oh those thighs are juicy! With the lady who gawked at Ellie on Balboa Island I proclaim,
"I could eat her in two bites!"
And then we watched dad play tennis. Actually we didn't watch. We just sat on the tennis court while dad played and we did our own thing. Girly stuff you know?

Til next time. We've got some sleeping to do around here.
Those cheeks. Can you believe 'em?


  1. no i cannot believe those cheeks :-) so kissable!

    oh and the outfit...I got it at gap :-)

  2. Man, I want to eat out. . at your house. So Gourmet. My meals are like a hillbilly next to those. Something to dream about.
    P.S. Don't worry about the eating, when I was nursing I was downing the calories, you need it ya know!