October 24, 2011

Real Food Revisited: Day 1

I made a goal about a month ago to cook more thoughtful meals for BJ each day. By thoughtful I mean a meal I actually plan out before he arrives home from work rather than something I throw together after we're both dying of hunger for something other than a snack. With the added thought and planning generally comes a more delicious payoff, which is not a bad thing for BJ nor myself. The book Real Food that I've been telling you about has greatly enhanced my motivation for these home cooked meals as well. So I thought that with my new decided effort to create homemade meals, along with my new conviction of preparing real, healthy food, that I'd let you come along on this excursion and take an inside look at what's going on around here in the Pugmire kitchen.
My goal is this: to prepare a good dinner each day. To limit processed, artificial foods like crackers, sobe drinks, candy, etc. To eat more vegetables and fruits. And to eat dessert only one day a week.
Today's menu included:
Breakfast: green smoothie made with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, 1/3 of a banana, ice, milk, about 1 Tblsp. agave. And 1/2 a whole wheat pita.
Snack: popcorn with olive oil and sea salt.
Lunch: spinach salad with turkey bacon, egg whites, red grapes, tomatoes, carrots, and peanuts. And a bowl of granola with whole milk. (Seriously! Whole Milk! I'm in love.)
Dinner: bacon chicken and dumplings. green salad with sweet mini peppers, apples, and mozarella cheese, and cabbage salad.
 I also seasoned my cast iron pan today with all this glorious bacon grease.
 Preparing the dumplings.
 Two salads.

Ellie was an angel while I cooked. I about died when I turned around and saw her lying contently with her head on the marble. Happy as could be she hadn't made a peep. Pretty pathetic. Adorably pathetic.

She is a dream baby. She is content nearly all the time.  It's also nice now that's she's a little older and she actually enjoys rolling around on the ground while I'm doing stuff. She no longer is confined to her blue barnyard vibrator chair.

I'm sure the thought of drinking whole milk for some of you is enough to make your skin crawl, but I have something to say about that. I feel good eating this way. I feel satisfied at the end of every meal- not wanting anything else, and not craving sweets. I believe our bodies are meant to have it all when it comes to food: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Eating real food leaves room for flexibility, complementing heavier foods with lighter ones, and visa versa. Depriving ourselves of a diet that is well rounded isn't helpful to our body. Indeed, it is the opposite. You might not be ready to start drinking whole milk quite yet, (and to be honest, this may not be a permanent thing for me. I just wanted to try it out.) but do your body a favor and eat food that is real.
My sermon is over.

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