October 18, 2011

In an Attempt to Adjust my Documentation

I've been writing in a journal for a long time, and I've noticed a pattern in my recording. My romantic heart serves me to a fault in my efforts to document my life. 90% of the time I don't document what is going on every day. I write about my thoughts, and, of course, my feelings. While I realize this isn't entirely bad, I do feel like I sometimes forget about the monumental details of my life. Somehow, I remember random, insignificant days far more than I remember my trip to London my senior year of highschool. I remember days of dating as well as I remember my wedding day.
I'm glad I make an effort to glorify the mundane and find beauty in the monotony of every day living, but sometimes it comes with its drawbacks. I realized the other day while perusing other blogs that I never write about Ellie the way other mom's write about their children. I never share funny stories or milestones about her life. That realization was disappointing to me. So in an attempt to adjust my documentation... here goes...
Perhaps my favorite thing about Ellie is how easy going she is. She has a personality that's naturally happy and content. She doesn't fuss for fussiness' sake. If she's crying there's usually something wrong. She reminds me of a youngest child in the way that she can just go with the flow- something that will serve us well if we get twins next like I suspect.
Ellie is cuddly- another thing I completely adore about her. Again, I see this as a characteristic that will serve as a major advantage when brothers and sisters come along. She loves to hug things, nuzzle into things, and have blankets right next to her face when she sleeps. I see a nurturing side to her already. She is completely obsessed with her bunny. In fact, I think the bunny is about the closest replacement to me that we could get. Most the time, if she has her bunny, she's ok.
Ellie is coordinated. The pediatrician noticed this yesterday within minutes of being in the room. She is skilled with her hands and has incredibly strong legs. She will grab at any and everything when you hold her. Nothing is safe if it's within Ellie's reach.
Ellie is a people person. She doesn't enjoy being left alone. She would rather sit in her chair and watch me blow dry my hair than play in the bedroom by herself while I do that. She loves to be held. She likes all eyes on her too. Blogging is not an easy task with baby in arms. Not because typing with one hand is awkward and slow, but because you can gaurantee (how do you spell that word?!!! I swear I tried 20 different variations!) baby girl will be pulling any trick she can to get your attention: squaking, arching, grabbing, grunting, crying, etc.
Ellie slept through the night at 6 weeks and hasn't slept through the night once since we moved to California. We're working on it. Enough said.
Ellie is a champ though about taking naps. She can fall asleep nearly anywhere. Yesterday I needed to get some stuff done so I laid her down on the carpet with her bunny and her binky, and she literally had fallen asleep within 30 seconds. Adorable I tell you. I wish I would have gotten a picture.
Breastfeeding Ellie is about the funniest thing ever. She has gone through multiple stages of breastfeeding styles. In the beginning she was slow and tired- constantly falling asleep while on the job. She would nuzzle into me, drink for a few seconds and then be gone. This scenario would be repeated over and over again. Cue me nudging, pinching, scratching Ellie to try and get her to wake up. Without much time for transition, Ellie's eating suddenly turned into pure urgency. Grunting like you've never heard before always accompanied Ellie's feedings, along with this crazy head shake she would do every time she'd latch on. Breastfeeding in public was less than discreet when she was on this kick. Now her breastfeeding style bounces back and forth between two: 1. Breastfeeding like she's having lunch with her girlfriends. Suck, suck, suck, suck, come off and talk, talk, talk in a really high, girly voice. Latch back on. Suck, suck, suck, suck, come off and talk, talk, talk, talk. A very feminine way to dine. 2. Breastfeeding like my lap is made out of rocks and twigs. Sometimes she is so fidgety and crazy when I feed her. She sucks for a few seconds and then arches and kicks and grunts like she just can't get comfortable. BJ always asks me when she's eating like this, "What is up with her?" By now I'm used to it and try to stay as relaxed as possible. Every once in a while I get really lucky. Occasionally Ellie eats so peacefully. Drinking away, lying still, and placing her hand gently on me. Breastfeeding like this is so relaxing. We both fall into some kind of milk-induced trance and it is the perfect segway into dreamland.
Ellie is inquisitive. She is curious. She studies everything around her. She loves to hold things. She loves to try anything that I try. If I drink some water, she'll want some water. If I brush my teeth, she'll want to try. The other day I was doing some abdominal exercises- lying on my back with my legs straight up to the ceiling, I lowered them up and down over and over again. She watched me intently for a few seconds and then she seriously tried to do it herself. She's a smart girl she is.
Ellie is a mama's girl... and I'm not complaining!

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