October 15, 2011

21 Minor Details

I love bathrobes.
I think Jimmy John's makes the best sandwiches.
I like food way more than my in-laws do.
I don't listen to music when I drive. Just silence.
I'm sad when I put my hand on my belly now that there's not a baby in there.
I don't really know how to work facebook.
I know that my prayers are answered.
If I could have been a gymnast over a dancer I would have been.
I have no birth marks.
I scar terribly.
I have stretch marks.
I don't eat chocolate or carbonation for the time being.
I'd rather buy something for my home than clothes.
Fox news is about the only thing on t.v. that can hold my interest.
Cake with frosting is my favorite food. Not dessert... Food.
I wish I was a book worm, but I have a hard time finishing a novel.
I think exercising and working out are two different things. I prefer exercising.
I'm not a "schedule" type of mom.
My favorite sound in the world is Ellie sucking her binki.
I don't like the word binki or any of its variations.
I like having the excuse that I have "dancer feet," but my feet looked like this before I ever danced.
* Credit to Marilee for this idea. xoxo


  1. cute!
    i will always remember your feet. they are elle's feet! :)
    i love jimmy johns too! turkey tom baby. haha.
    what a cute post. i love your baby. and i have never even met her!

  2. cute! i loved all of this. how did i not know some of this about you? i'm a bad friend! haahaha