September 20, 2011

Tacos and Limes

Hmmm... Ellie is asleep on me. Finally. I lost my patience today and was at the end of my rope while I sorted through a fat stack of bills, insurance quotes, and mail, tried hard to remove the two-day old poop stain from the white wool carpet in our room, and tried unsuccessfully to pacify Ellie's complaints about me not holding her. I feel a little bit similar to the way I did the first few weeks after having Ellie. I'm on edge. Tears are never far away, and they come without much notice or reason. We're living a new life here, and it requires some getting used to.
In spite of my reckless emotional state, we manage to do a lot of enjoyable things. Today after a much needed dental cleaning for BJ and myself we went to a very authentic Mexican taco joint for lunch. Tanner and Megan accompanied us. It was fun and delicious.
We gave a Ellie a taste of salt, lime, and then let her lick the bottle of BJ's apple soda. Her tongue went crazy trying to investigate. We all laughed at the way her nostrils flared and her eyebrows scrunched as she tried each thing. Tanner especially got a kick out of it.


  1. i am so sad that i missed ellie trying something for the first time. breaks my little heart. but i bet it was just so so funny. also sad that i can't play with you while you are down there. and that it is an adjustment! (even though that is totally totally normal).

    CANNOT wait to see you this weekend. it is necessary.

  2. Hey! So at the risk of seeming weird since you really don't know me.. I love reading your blog and think you are a wonderful example of womanhood and being a mother! I just wanted to share the thought- it is so hard to feel emotional and "on edge" when you serve others. It can be small but it will bring you so much joy!