September 27, 2011

Cracker Monster

I had a bone to pick with JaLayne when Aaron ratted her out and told me she had been feeding Ellie a nectarine one Sunday morning while I was getting ready. I was shocked when I heard about it, and I couldn't hide it. JaLayne promised she wouldn't feed Ellie again, and she didn't. The problem was, our barrier of discipline had been broken and our curiousity was too great. BJ and I wanted to know what her little face would do if she tried our kinda food. It started with a nectarine, and then rice cereal was introduced. She gnawed on carrot sticks and sweet potatoes, and licked limes like it was her job. I'm still her singular source of nutrition and sustenance, but now Ellie's "grown-up food" is our source of entertainment. Ellie wants our food, and we get a kick out of letting her try it.

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