September 27, 2011

BYU Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet

Not very often do BJ and I find ourselves with a reason to get dressed up real nice and leave our baby with a sitter. Saturday was one such occasion. It was fun to be in a beautiful setting with the people we love, getting a glimpse into the lives of four seriously amazing athletes. I'm proud that my sister-in-law was one of them.
We had hors' d...? -appetizers- outside before the event started, a beautiful dinner catered by La Jolla Groves, and then the program introducing the four athletes. Papa Pugmire inducted Courtney and had the whole family in tears with his tender words. BJ also had us in tears that night as he quoted lines from "The Office" over dinner. Our actions and manners may not have been quite as formal as our dress.
I had the thought a few times that night "this must be what heaven's like." It was a special event and we were surrounded by good, good people. Heaven help me though if I have to spend the rest of eternity in a dress that tight.

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