August 24, 2011

Seahorse Sleeper

BJ's mom bought Ellie a few toys today. One of them is a glowing seahorse that plays relaxing music when it is squeezed. Well Ellie Layne used it shortly after we got home from picking it up, and I'll tell you what, she may as well have been the advertisement for it. It worked just like it said it would on the box. She was in dreamland after a few short  minutes of cuddling with it. Just as the music got softer and the light glowed dimmer, her eyes slowly closed and she was gone. Pretty adorable if you ask me. I always admired my nephew's glow worm that he loved to sleep with. Well now she's got her own glowing seahorse. . .
 How about that.


  1. We've got those too. They work like a charm!

  2. Oh my gosh, I didn't think I was baby hungry until I saw this picture! She looks so precious!

  3. Ha ha michelle. I love that comment. Have a baby! it's the best thing ever.