May 9, 2011


Today I taught kindergarten for the last time. Mondays this year were always filled with anticipation- 6 kindergarten classes to make my way through; demonstrating for, dancing with, reigning in, and complimenting were heavy on the to-do list. Today was my last time. Like probably, forever...
I'm not feeling sad, just amazed it's over. Surreal is probably the best word to describe what I'm grappling with right now. "Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" is the way my friend Cassie always describes kindergartners. How true that description is. Hopefully they'll remember me in a similar type description rather than "impatient and frazzled" like I sometimes felt on Mondays. At times my three year teaching career felt like an eternity. Today hindsight is beginning so set in, and this beautiful phase of my life is quickly passing through my finger tips and drifting away like a dandelion in the wind.

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