May 8, 2011


If I wish to become anything close to the mother that my mom is and always has been, then dedication is the first thing on my list of things to learn. With all the truthfulness in the world, I can say that I don't know how a woman could be more dedicated to her children than my mom is to hers. I love my mom, and I know that she loves me. She is ALWAYS, ALWAYS on my side. That is quite possibly the thing I love most about her. She is my true defense, my number one ally, my constant support. She is willing to help me with anything, at any given moment. She never puts herself first. EVER. I love my mother- to the moon and back.
I love my husband's mother, and she loves me too. I love her most of all because of the valiant way that she raised, and continues to raise her children. The role she plays in BJ's life is invaluable. He still tries to live his life in a way that would make his mother proud. He honors her, and respects her, loves, and adores her. Anyone that knows JaLayne knows someone that in my mind, is as close to an angel as you can get on this earth.
My beautiful sisters... these women make motherhood look good. They knew that being a young mother was the cool thing to do BEFORE any celebrities did- but man, they certainly do it with style. I'm amazed at the energy they all have, at the unfailing love and commitment to their families that they show, and at the way they still rock it out in every other area of their life. They continue to inspire the desire I have to be a mother myself. I'm grateful to be on the younger end of the family so I could observe the beautiful way that these women parent. I owe them all so much for their priceless examples to me.

Exemplifying so much grace and a continuation of love and compassion are the elegant grandmothers that I have. Age does not stand in the way of them giving everything they can to their families: grand daughter-in-laws included. Being a grandmother is like the crowning jewel of motherhood. There is so much love to go around. I'm honored to be a part of their legacy of faith and righteousness.
Motherhood is right around the corner for me. I've never been more proud or grateful to be a woman. My little daughter is so blessed to be a daughter of God. One day she will gain her inheritance of becoming a mother- the noblest gift God could give his child.

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  1. So beautiful. What an endearing tribute to the women in your life!