April 22, 2011


I like today already and it's only 8:36 in the morning. Once again I am amazed at the tender mercy that sleep is. Yesterday I came home from work, ate a huge bowl of cereal, glanced at a magazine, and took a two hour nap. Five hours later, I was lucky enough to crawl back into bed- again- read a little, write a little, and fall quickly into dreamland. I love to sleep.

Today's agenda includes work at school, work at the studio, an errand to the mall for baby shower hostess gifts and possibly a diaper bag, a trip across to the street to the most wonderful and dangerous place ever: Yogurtland, and a sweet date with my couch, a blanket, and the movie "Babies." BJ's known forever that I've wanted to watch this movie and even though it's been at Redbox for the past month, and even though we rent a Redbox practically every day, this movie has purposely been avoided by mine truly. Well tonight is the night, and "Babies" is what I will be watching.

It's gonna be a good day.


  1. Those are some cute babies you've got pictured there. Yes Elle you heard correctly, we will be there in July. Donny is flying to Utah on the 21st I believe and we will be staying till August 1st. We can't wait to meet that sweet little baby girl!

  2. YAY!!! I can't wait to see you guys! It's gonna be a good summer.

  3. ok just found your blog!!!!! I didnt even know you were having a baby! congrats!