April 10, 2011


I am leaping full speed ahead into this coming week as it is my celebrated "Spring Break" from school.
I can't wait to tackle the project of cleaning, organizing, furnishing, and decorating Ellie Layne's nursery, as well as cleaning my house, going to the temple, watching BJ play soccer, and learning how to keep a garden- a skill I hope to practice in the somewhat near future. I am loving this time of year in spite of the seemingly constant precipitation. I love the budding trees, the blossoms on branches, and the metamorphosis of grass turning from a straw-like yellow to a vibrant, healthy green. I am loving my pregnancy, loving this little alien that's wiggling around in my belly, and loving that my count down chain is getting continually one day closer to the big day. I am SOOOOO disappointed in my realization that I left my camera cord at school. I already have started taking pictures to document this glorious week of free time. But much to my dismay, the photos will be postponed in making their debut. Blogging may take a hit this week, but my enjoying life most certainly will not.

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