March 24, 2011


My dear BYU basketball team,
 I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful evenings of entertainment and excitement you have provided us with this year. I would also like to thank you for the sense of pride and enthusiasm you have created nationwide in the great institution of Brigham Young University.
I want you to know that my response to my husband's inquiry of, "Are you sad you didn't marry Jimmer?" still remains a no, although I do love that famous #32 in  my own special way. It should be made known that even my unborn child cheers when we're watching a BYU basketball game- she punches and kicks and flips with the best of cheerleaders. This has been a season to never forget. Win or lose tonight, we won't forget this basketball season legacy.
Ellery Pugmire

p.s.- If you do win tonight... We'll love you even more!
p.p.s.- Please Win.

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