March 15, 2011


I had a dream last week that I went into labor. I was in the hospital with all the anticipation of meeting my sweet girl, hospital gown on, lying in my hospital bed straining through each contraction, BJ and moms by my side when all of a sudden...
Ellie decided she wanted to stay in a little longer.
I had to return home from the hospital with this baby stilling taking up residence in my abdominal region. What. A. Bust.
I wonder if that dream has any special meaning or significance? Like maybe I'm really, really, really anxious to get this show on the road and live my new life with my baby at home. Maybe. Maybe.
But I guess for right now I'm a little more needed at work, dancing with 8 year-olds to Justin Bieber all day long. I guess baby'll come soon enough. Right now I'll enjoy these last two months just the way they are, Justin Bieber and all.


  1. You are gorgeous. You'll be a great mom!

  2. I always had weird dreams when I was pregnant. Once I dreamed that my baby accidentally came out my belly, just through the skin and here I was holding this baby, trying to figure out if I needed to put it back in or take care of it. STRANGE! I don't think there is much to read into most of them, just your hormonally-induced mind exploring while your conscious mind is taking a break.