March 11, 2011


In week 31 of pregnancy, I'm finding the need to listen to my body to be more critical than ever. With weird and unfamiliar things going on inside my body, I find myself most comfortable and happy to be pregnant when I wisely navigate what's going on on the outside of my body. For example...
Exercise is now something that I use as a means to make my body feel better vs. the sentence of obligation I viewed "working out" as before. I know that with the right amount of activity (stretching, toning, strengthening, and cardio,) that I sleep better at night and my back doesn't get as tight and garbled.  Walks, yoga, and pilates are my activities of choice (in addition to dancing around with elementary school kids all day)- especially when my walks include beautiful almost-spring scenery and weather, and when my prenatal pilates includes dim candle-lit lighting.
photos from my walk yesterday:
Healthy eating is essential, especially when you're eating as often as I am. An empty stomach is dangerous territory and always ends with an ugly throwing up in front of a whole class of first graders. :) -pardon the disgusting details.
To avoid packing on too many pounds, I've been sticking to a goal of only eating sweets one day a week. I know it's helping, but it's still frustrating to know the scale will inevitably continue to rise. Can't I just stay here? I like this amount of weight, I can handle this amount of weight. It's pretty hard to imagine what my body's gonna be like in two months given where it's at right now. Accepting weight gain is a very complex juxtaposition for a girl to be in, even when it's in the name of making a baby.
Grape juice is mine and BJ's current obsession. When I got sick about a month and a half ago, this is the only thing that sounded good. I think I literally subsisted on grape juice for those 4 days I was sick. We haven't gone back since. Grape juice or bust at the Pugmire house.
Most importantly of all is the sleep you get (or don't) when you're pregnant. If you've heard rumors about body pillows and pregnant women- believe them. Last night BJ and I slept with a total of seven pillows in our bed. A good night's sleep is worth more than gold and is a lot easier to come by when you prepare for it well. For me that includes: exercising enough during the day, having my reading and journal writing done long before bedtime, an adequate supply of pillows to be able to cram and jam into any crevice where additional support is needed, and the other night- a soak in the bath was the perfect segway into dreamland.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow a baby in my belly. The process has been strange and fascinating- so fun to experience for myself after hearing years and years worth of other women's experiences. I pray every night to thank my Heavenly Father for my healthy body. I feel great, and I feel blessed for this time when I can really appreciate the complexities and miracles of my body.


  1. Can you believe I delivered Matthew at 31 weeks! Craziness! So yes, listen to your body. No trying to figure out. Just saying to not feel dumb for calling your doctor or going to the hospital if you feel you need to, just go.

    And yes, the weight thing, it's hard even though we get the most incredible thing because of it. Thank goodness I love my kiddos so much! They are so so worth it!

  2. Ellery! We are so close in our due dates! How fun! We'll have to get together this summer and let our babies play! Gotta love the weight gain huh! I feel like I'm packing on the pounds and not even eating any more then I used to! It's so amazing what our bodies are capable of doing though! I love being pregnant!!